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Часто задаваемые вопросы

  • Who is CDL Drivers Unlimited?
    CDL Drivers Unlimied (CDLDU) is a membership alliance for the estimated 4.7 million USA CDL Drivers. CDL Drivers Unlimited mission is to give CDL Drivers a voice and the tools to manage those matters that affect their lives and careers, plus the advancement of professionalism for all CDL Drivers.
  • What makes CDLDU unique?
    We are the only Road Transportation Alliance that is built with CDL Drivers for CDL Drivers.
  • Why was CDLDU started?
    The Heffernan brothers learned of a need for CDL drivers to get better organized to improve their Happiness, Health, and to Have More Money. To assist CDL Drivers to successfully manage their Multi-million-dollar careers. A CDL driver is a licensed career, loss of license is a loss of career.
  • How does CDLDU improve happiness, health, and help to have more money?"
    We accomplish our goals/purposes in four ways: 1. Drivers Rights - Industry Advocacy 2. Best Online Education for both in and out of the cab 3. Job Placement - Drivers Agent - We market the driver to the best opportunities 4. Seek out the best services at the best prices for member drivers and families.
  • What is meant by Drivers Rights?
    The technical term for Drivers Rights is Governance. Governance is defined as the act or process of overseeing the control and direction of something (such as a country or an organization) or in the case of CDLDU, it is an Alliance.
  • How much is a CDLDU membership?
    $15/mo. with automatic renewal cancelable at any time or an annual payment $150/yr. with renewable reminder.
  • Is a CDLDU membership worth it?
    YES!!! You will save thousands of dollars. Have More Money!
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