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Money and Credit Explained

This video by Kurzgesagt does a fantastic job of thoroughly explaining the global banking system and within that how money and credit work. Understanding how money and credit work will be very helpful in helping you manage your credit score as your credit cards.

Building & Maintaining a Credit Score

Bank of America's video on building and maintaining credit scores can be a helpful resource to you if you are struggling to understand how credit is built as well as how to maintain a desirable level of credit for your lifestyle that will allow you to thrive financially.

How to Get a Perfect Credit Score

This video by Graham Stephan does a fantastic job of explaining how to obtain a perfect credit score. Even if you aren't interested in obtaining a perfect credit score and are instead interesting in improving your credit score, this video can still be a great resource for you. Graham goes through the different criteria that credit lenders rate you on in order to come up with a collective credit score for you that impacts the types of credit loans you'll be able to receive.

Below you will find timestamps to the main topics discussed in Graham's video:

How Does a Credit Card Work?

Both of these videos, by MSU Federal Credit Union and fj5vlog, do a great job of outlining how credit cards work. These videos are fairly straight forward so if you already are knowledgeable about how credit cards work these videos might not be for you, however if you are new to using credit cards, these videos can be a great resource for you.

Differentiating Credit & Debit

This video by Matthew Lee does a good job of breaking down the major differences between credit and debit in a very informative way. Maybe you already use both debit and credit or maybe you only use one or the other, regardless this video can be a helpful resource to you in understanding where one form of payment can be more useful than the other.

How to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

This video by The Credit Shifu does an outstanding job of taking a deep dive into how to get the most out of your credit cards in order to maximize the rewards you receive from using them. Below will be links to timestamps within the video that cover the main points demonstrated throughout.

Money & Credit Explained
Building & Maintaining Credit
How to Obtain a Perfect Credit
How Credit Cards Work
Differentiating Credit & Debit
Maximize Credit Card Rewards
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